Posted: February 17, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Personal Trainer are a garage-pop trio based out of Brooklyn and Philadelphia. The members originally met while studying at Vassar College, apparently bonding over their shared love of, “academia and Alanis”. Originally formed in the summer of 2018, they’ve been honing their sound ever since and emerged this week with their superb debut single, “Backyard”.

Discussing the track, Personal Trainer have suggested “Backyard” is a song about missed opportunities, of growing up and afraid to express yourself, a track, “for anyone who cares to re-imagine what their childhood may have looked like had they been unafraid to love honestly”. Throughout, Personal Trainer pitch us back to images of teenage parties, to moments of kindness and insecurity, to wanting to kiss someone and stopping yourself, “you’ve got long hair just like mine, you’ve got lips and so do I”. Musically, the track is punctuated with a steady heartbeat like bass-drum, you can almost feel it bursting out of a collective chest, as it’s adorned with lush harmonies, driving bass and delightfully twiddly guitar lines. Yes, this is as early in Personal Trainer’s musical journey as we could possibly join them, they couldn’t sound more ready though, a single track that makes a compelling case for declaring Personal Trainer your new favourite band.


Lead vocals/guitar by melina harris
lead guitar/vocals by molly buckley
bass/vocals by alix masters
drums by sarah galdes

Backyard is out now via House Of Feelings.

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