PUBLIC PRACTICE – ” Disposable “

Posted: February 17, 2020 in MUSIC
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We have been quietly working on a lot this year and here’s the first taste we can share! Public Practice release their first new single ‘Disposable’ since their critically acclaimed EP ‘Distance Is A Mirror’. ‘Disposable’ is the first track they have recorded in their newBrooklynstudio where they are recording their first album. before hitting the UK at some point later this year.

The Brooklyn band have channelled existentialism and post punk witin favour of their new track. The question that put this project in motion was: “How do you fight something seemingly so much bigger than yourself, for someone else?” The B-side ‘Extra-ordinary’, their take on the Yukihiro Takahashi’s classic recreated some sounds of the original track with some own sound design.

Public Practice wanted to pay homage to the song but also to the original synth programming which blends in perfectly with the subdued minimalism of their sound. The lyricism and eerie but soothing vocals of Sam York can be contradicting at times but it’s just one facet of the many interesting things about Public Practice.

Public Practice is band based in New York City
Members include Sam York = Vocals, Vince McClelland = Guitar, Drew Citron = Bass/Synth/Vocals, Scott Rosenthal = Drums

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