PATIO – ” Essentials “

Posted: February 16, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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After a few years of small tours and an EP, Patio have finally put out their great debut album, “Essentials”. The vocals are deadpan and detached as electric guitar shards contribute to their off-kilter post-punk vibe. Essentials is filled with violent visions as a form of release and repair. Alice Suh weaves intricate drumbeat webs over the vocals of Lindsey Paige-McCloy and Loren DiBlasi. Whether airy and aloof or heavy with a lingering drawl, their voices are both eerie and mesmerizing. All at once, Patio are a poignant, dark, grotesque, and really affecting listen.

Post-punk trio Patio happily do more with less. Their 2019 debut album, Essentials, is marked by cutting riffs and chunky bass lines, and while both can easily hold their own, their vocals are particularly mystifying. They take turns on vocal duties—often joining in for harmonies, speaking with detachment or singing gently.

Each mode helps them illustrate complicated relationship dynamics and insecurities, and they often do so with dry humor. In short, Patio make 21st century punk for stylish, antsy twenty somethings desperately clinging to their last ounce of hope.

Patio’s debut album Essentials out April 5th on Fire Talk.

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