ANNA BURCH – ” Party’s Over “

Posted: February 16, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Just two years after her debut “Quit the Curse” introduced us to her lackadaisical, warm guitar-driven pop, Anna Burch’s sophomore album “If You’re Dreaming”pivots into deeper poetic lyricism and darker metaphors, all strung together with the same lush vocals. Upon the release of her latest single “Party’s Over” on Tuesday, she premieres the music video .

The song itself is an anthem for the emotionally exhausted. Like a mantra, she breezily repeats, “I’m so tired” over a 12-string guitar, which lends a certain ’60s sound that she translated straight into the accompanying visuals. “It’s kind of strange but I already started envisioning the video as we were listening to the playback during recording,” Burch told us. “I was originally picturing a runaway bride scenario, but I pivoted to runaway groom with the ’60s sci-fi angle… A lot of my close friends and family have gotten engaged or married in the last year so weddings have been on the surface of my psyche as well.”

In case the chorus’ mantra wasn’t enough to drive it home, Burch’s album title If You’re Dreamingis very literal. “I talk about sleep, or not being able to sleep, a lot throughout these songs,” she said. “I wanted the title to have a hopeful connotation. I’m thankfully sleeping a lot better these days.”

“Party’s Over” is taken from Anna Burch’s sophomore album, If You’re Dreaming, out April 3rd, 2020.

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