KIWI Jr – ” Football Money “

Posted: January 18, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ask a dozen people to define the term “indie rock” and you’ll probably get a dozen different answers that include word combinations like “Archers of Loaf” and “Foster the People” and “indie rock is dead” . Artist: Kiwi Jr. Album: Football MoneyFootball Money is a 10-track album that has been five years in the making. The album opens with the track “Murder In The Cathedral.” Right off , I knew this was going to be a different kind of album:


As the term has evolved over the past few decades—from its origins denoting music released by an independent record label to a vague descriptor of a certain kind of sound—it’s no wonder the words have lost much of their meaning. Make no mistake, however: Kiwi Jr. is an indie rock band. You can hear evidence of that all over their fine debut album “Football Money”, which has been released worldwide by Mint Records. (It came out only in Canada last year.) Someday, other band names will disappear from Kiwi Jr.’s reviews as the quartet further develops its sound.

Football Money is evidence they’ve clearly got the ability and the point of view to do exactly that. Until then, they’re working from a world-class playbook.

Band Members:

Brohan Moore: Drums, Backing Vocals
Brian Murphy: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jeremy Gaudet: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Mike Walker: Bass, Backing Vocals, Keys

Aaron Goldstein: Pedal Steel
Alec O’hanley: Backing Vocals, Keys
Hunk and Junk: Backing Vocals
Peter Rankin: Keys

Kiwi Jr. – Salary Man From the LP “Football Money” available on Mint Records (Canada) Available everywhere Friday 1/17/20 via Persona Non Grata

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