FRENCH VANILLA – ” How Am I Not Myself? “

Posted: December 14, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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French Vanilla use slick and bouncy saxophone punk to explore new love and new identities with songs that feel as bold as the outsized subject matter deserves. Every left-field rhythmic breakdown, every zig-zagging blast of saxophone, every oddball post-punk chord change is shot through with infectious wonder. Always a super charismatic and well-recorded band, “How Am I Not Myself” takes French Vanilla’s sound into an even more stylish stratosphere for a record that sounds like it came from Planet Claire—or at least, some far groovier utopian future where the patriarchy has been smashed and everyone is free to be their true selves. But despite its self-declared quest for outrageous self-actualization, this is outward facing music. How Am I Not Myself wants you to believe wholeheartedly in your own magical self, whether that’s in front of a crowd or in front of the bedroom mirror.


Reminds me of Martha and the Muffins mixed with a pinch of the B-52s and my ears love it!

All songs written and performed by French Vanilla (Ali Day, Greg Shilton, Sally Spitz and Daniel Trautfield).

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