STARCRAWLER – ” Pet Sematary “

Posted: November 20, 2019 in MUSIC
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Starcrawler (who released their second album about a month ago) are all under 25, but they make bands twice their age look like frosted cupcakes. They also, in a way, resemble the early incarnation of Alice Cooper, and a lot of other stuff that sounds like rock.

There’s the bass player, Tim, who is what a bass player should be: unassuming, solid, off to the side, and a pit bull enthusiast. Austin, on drums, is the oldest at 24, and is super friendly to people, but very hard on his drums. Besides his guitar, Henri is really into t-shirts, until he gets onstage dressed in a cowboy get up, like a mutated combo of Gram Parsons and Jimmy Page with huge slime beast riffs and demented circus ringleader face. Then there’s Arrow who, when she’s not sitting on the floor, levitates five feet above the stage covered in blood.

Unlike most twenty-somethings, no one in this group really gets hammered on booze or does too much crazy shit. All of that goes into the performance. Not that it’s all pretend. Arrow has on more than one occasion been fucked up by dangerous stage antics. Over the course of the show, a plot unfolds which imagines several inventive ways for a person to destroy themselves. I won’t give away the ending, but there is a lot of blood. Things start with Arrow as a sort of badass demented glam queen until, rapidly and without warning, it all goes downhill in the best possible way. It’s glamour plus destruction, over and over, returning every night like a phoenix from the ashes. Or maybe a chicken.

Starcrawler in a soundtrack?? Now that’s a good sign :0 I love this band, saving rock n roll

Starcrawler’s cover of “Pet Sematary” by Ramones is out now on Rough Trade Records and also features on the ‘Pet Sematary’ film soundtrack.

  1. Absolutely agree on the ye olde Alice Cooper vibe. I love this band. Been playing Devour You on repeat

  2. […] was The Fat Angel who rang the bell of recognition that Starcrawler sound like early Alice Cooper when reviewing […]

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