U2 – ” The October Tour – The Ritz New York 18th March 1982 “

Posted: October 19, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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U2’s second album, “October”, was released in October 1981. The October Tour ran from August 1981 to August 1982 split across five legs encompassing Europe and North America. This stunning performance broadcast from The Ritz, New York took place on 18th March 1982.

This deluxe vinyl edition is limited to 1000 copies only and is presented with a permanent heavy weight glass clear vinyl cover to provide permanent protection for your priceless album. The deluxe limited edition also includes a unique code that unlocks an amazing suite of digital companions to enhance your enjoyment of the music on the CD. Included here, a free 120 page e-book featuring the definitive guide to the lives and music of U2 – We Will Follow, containing QR codes which accesses a series of companion video podcasts to complement and enhance your enjoyment of the music on the album.


01. Gloria 0:00:00 02. Another Time, Another Place 0:04:50 03. I Threw A Brick Through A Window 0:09:03 04. A Day Without Me 0:13:06 05. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart 0:16:29 06. Rejoice 0:24:08 07. Happy Birthday Adam / The Cry / The Electric Co. 0:27:50 08. I Fall Down 0:34:26 09. October 0:37:54 10. Tomorrow 0:40:13 11. I Will Follow 0:46:46 12. Twilight 0:50:51 13. Out Of Control 0:55:14 14. Fire 1:00:51 15. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock / Give Peace A Chance 1:04:28 16. The Ocean 1:10:22 17. Southern Man 1:14:49 18. A Celebration 1:20:11

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