Posted: October 18, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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A remixed and pumped-up version of ‘Heat Rises’ from Yanya’s superb debut LP Miss Universe results in ‘H34T Rises’. Not that we needed convincing on the original cut but this new edit gives the track a beefier, more electro driven feel. Peep the video shot in Istanbul too.

She emerged in May 2016 with an elegant take on the Pixies “Hey” and followed it up with two stunning songs of her own, “Small Crimes” and “Keep On Calling”. In the space of three songs she outlined her aesthetic – sparseness, deftly intricate guitar and vocal melodies and brilliantly observational lyrics.

Yanya cites Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley and Connan Mockasin amongst her influences She grew up in West London and her parents are both artists, coming from a multi-cultural heritage of Turkish, Irish and Bayan. Yanya started learning the piano at the age of six but at twelve realised a long held ambition to learn the guitar. Her Mother encouraged her to take up the cello at the same time, which Yanya persevered with for a few years, but the practical issues of carrying it, coupled with her emotional attachment to the guitar led her away from classical music.

Inspired by her sister’s CD collection, in her early and mid-teens Yanya developed a taste for skater-rock and indie bands but discovering a passion for Jazz was the eureka moment, the trigger for the type of expression she was looking for as a songwriter. After taking her A Levels Yanya got a scholarship, started performing her songs and now, is one of the most exciting new talents around.

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