FAYE WEBSTER – ” Kingston “

Posted: October 17, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Faye Webster

Atlanta native Faye Webster is still only 21 years old, yet her music is so assured, so confident you could be forgiven for thinking it the work of a much more experienced artist. Through an association with the city’s Awful Records crew she’s come to wider attention, with each idea, each note, feeling incredibly well developed, highly thought through.

The single ‘Kingston’ marks her engagement with Secretly Canadian, and it comes as Faye Webster shares plans for a run of British shows. The first song since her acclaimed 2017 debut LP, ‘Kingston’ feels like a cosmic counterpoint to the warm Georgia landscape. The easy pace lingers just behind those faint country influences, with Faye Webster’s assured, calming vocal the embodiment of calm.

The visuals are a treat, too; flitting between pink flamingos and silver ice-skating outfits, it’s a sensual joy, a feast for the eyes.

“Kingston” by Faye Webster out now on Secretly Canadian

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