GENA ROSE BRUCE – ” The Way You Make Love “

Posted: October 5, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Gena Rose Bruce‘s debut album “Can’t Make You Love Me” is out worldwide now on Dot Dash Recordings.

Can’t Make You Love Me showcases Bruce’s unmistakable brand of smokey rock; smouldering vocal performances, pulsing rhythms, echoes of Mazzy Star and Lynchian undertones. It’s is an intoxicating ride through love, lust, surrender and revival

Gena Rose Bruce comes from Melbourne songstress. ‘The Way You Make Love’ is all soft and subtle psych-rock, with guitar riffs reminiscent of Brian Jonestown Massacre and vocals harking back to Mazzy Star. We’re into it.

Gena Rose Bruce’s debut album Can’t Make You Love Me is an intoxicating ride through love, lust, surrender and revival. It’s a distinct and dynamic debut from a young artist with a clear vision. Bruce’s vocals drive this album; a stirring force amidst the pulsing rhythms. A vibrant youthfulness and deep maturity underpins her writing, allowing songs to swing effortlessly between earnest introspection and cool detachment with utter sincerity. With it’s infectious melodies and biting lyricism, Can’t Make You Love Me is as playful as it is confessional. Instantly timeless and unmistakably contemporary.

The album has received widespread praise nationally and abroad, including 4+ star reviews and Album of the Week / Feature Album on NPR (USA), The Age, Herald Sun, The Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times. Available now worldwide through Dot Dash Recordings.​

“Her voice just sends me…David Lynch made that third season of Twin Peaks a year too soon, cause she should’ve been playing in that bar.” – NPR Best New Music All Songs Considered (Can’t Make You Love Me)

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