Posted: June 30, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Austin, Texas-based songwriter Christelle Bofale will be the first to tell you the importance of family roots and mental health, considering how much those things aided her own self-discovery. Being the first American born in her family, the rich heritage of the Congo is deeply rooted in her upbringing and relationship with sounds.From singing and dancing with her mother as a child, to praying to Congolese music with her grandmother, to her father, a soukous guitar player and musical director for the Congregation at his church, Bofale’s journey as a musician has been defined in tiny intervals throughout the course of her life. As a songwriter, she infuses hints of the Congo into various aspects of her music,

Christelle Bofale’s “Swim Team” is a sumptuous introduction to Bofale’s unparalleled sound. The Austin Texas based singer brings multiple influences to Swim Team—Bofale counts Joni Mitchell and Alex G as inspirations—including jazz, rock, soul, and the musical traditions of her family’s native Congo. “Moving On, Getting On,” the album’s opening song, pairs Bofale’s resonant voice with sweeping guitar riffs. On the soulful “Origami Dreams,” Bofale sings, “Make up your mind, I don’t have the time to wait on you.” Album standout, “U Ouchea” is a seven-minute narrative that merges Bofale’s steady voice, melancholy lyrics, and an expansive guitar melody. At its core, “Swim Team” is an album about mental health and serves as a keyhole opening to Bofale’s inner life and a primer for her unique voice.


This album is just stellar. Christelle Bofale has given us a big piece of her heart. released May 31st, 2019

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