BONNIESONGS – ” Ice Cream “

Posted: June 17, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Bonniesongs is the musical project of Irish-Australian songwriter, Bonnie Stewart. After spending the last few years catching the ear of an ever growing Australian audience, Bonnie is set to go global, with the September release of a brand new EP, “Energetic Mind”. Discussing the record, Bonnie has suggested it combines the folk-leaning of her previous material, with a, “a lot of darker grungy undertones”as evidenced by the release, this week, of her new single, Ice Cream.

Discussing the inspiration, it’s perhaps unsurprisingly about the joys of summer, “it’s about fun, summer, friends, ice cream, being silly and not taking yourself too seriously”. The apparent joyful lyrical content, is somewhat contrasted by the musical content, which through pounding drums, clattering guitars and layered vocal howls, feels all together more serious and chilly. The whole track ends with the repeated cry of, “I’ll have vanilla”, although if you plan on buying Bonnie an ice-cream she advises, like most sensible people, she actually prefers the delights of Mint Choc Chip. Whatever flavour you fancy, Bonniesongs has got your gelato soundtrack covered.

Feel the heat in this new music video for Bonniesongs – ‘Ice Cream’. Taken from her forthcoming studio album ‘Energetic Mind’,

Energetic Mind is out September 6th via Small Pond Recordings.

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