CATE LE BON – ” Home To You “

Posted: April 19, 2019 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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It was only a few weeks back we were falling head-over-heels in love with “Daylight Matters”, the first single from Cate Le Bon’s upcoming album “Reward”, and this week Cate might just have gone and released an even better track! Reward’s second single, “Home To You”, is a stunning exploration of the idea of home, and how subjective a concept that can be.

Clocking in at nearly seven dreamy minutes, Home To You, is something of a low-key epic; the drums shuffle, the guitars pluck out easy runs and burbling, as the year’s finest bass-line adds much of the propulsion. Only the marimba like keys seem to step out of the dreamy gorgeousness, adding a gently tropical feel, like a cocktail umbrella adorned drink in a working men’s club. In its own subtle way, Home To You, is a reflection on the modern world, questioning how we are so quick to judge whether someone belongs, and where they should call home; “home to you, is atrocity in the town”.In that unique way she possesses, Cate seems to fuse her abstract lyricism into something moving and relatable. Without seeing the scene, you still feel the painting her words her create, instinctively you relate, instinctively you know this is the kind of song that can change your life.

“Reward” is out May 24th via Mexican Summer Records

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