ROBYN HITCHCOCK – ” Sunday Never Comes “

Posted: March 15, 2019 in MUSIC
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Sending you my best wishes from Sydney, Australia. I have been here for the past month playing shows and catching up with some of my favourite humans. Have you ever had an Aussie breakfast? I can’t recommend the combo of avocado, poached eggs, haloumi cheese and Vegemite highly enough. It’s a weight loss must. As you know, I am a lifelong follower of the rails and this photo was taken outside the Ballarat Tram Museum in Victoria.

Incidentally, it was electric traction that drew me to San Francisco to record the ‘Eye’ album, which turns 29 this week. To celebrate, we have reprinted the popular ‘Eye’ t-shirt.

Live recording of “Sunday Never Comes”, filmed by Jeremy Dylan Featured in the film “Juliet, Naked” directed by Jesse Peretz, starring Ethan Hawke & Rose Byrne

Sending many thanks to the folks who have already pre-ordered my new 7 inch vinyl release. “Sunday Never Comes” which was written for the feature film ‘Juliet Naked’ and “Take Off Your Bandages” has only previously been heard at selected live shows. The official release date for these singles is April 19th, however all mail order singles have early bird privileges and will be shipped on March 20th.

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