FRANKIE and the WITCH FINGERS – ” Pleasure “

Posted: March 3, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Frankie and the Witch Fingers’ upcoming LP, ZAM, bleeds beyond borders and boundaries. Its opening preternatural sounds bubble up out of the primordial soup, spilling into our world, invading the inner recesses of the listener’s mind. Like a two-headed snake wrapped around the skull, the album pendulates between winding instrumentals and dancey riffs that pop like supernovas out of the black void. Just when a song goes one way, it propels another through long stretches of a cosmic inferno.

Bringing glimmers of krautrock and funk, its eleven tracks unleash a versatile and tenacious weight, slithering between the sexy, the aggressive, the vivacious, and the disorienting—until the living invasion is felt—ZAM—a supernatural entity summoned by four madmen obsessed with tearing open a gateway to dark space. After being pulled apart atom-by-atom, the listener is reconfigured on the other side, born unto starry wasteland. Where head is separated from body. Where music is seen and apocalyptic soundscapes flow to revelation. A funhouse undercurrent pulses through the album’s epoch, reflecting a carnival mosaic shrewdly lulling and doggedly brutal. As one track bleeds into the next, that hour of running time becomes wormhole travel, until the listener returns earthbound, transmuted, craving more odyssey.  (Record Company Blurb)

Los Angeles’s Frankie and The Witch Fingers latest double LP is out now!,
“…the band is melting down details from Krautrock, funk, soul, psych, and space then ladling them into the loving cup atop the alter of Hawkwind.” – Raven Sings The Blues,
ZAM is the kind of record that does not want its listeners to catch a breath, and perhaps the ever-expanding universe of indie-rock — indie-rock of the psychedelic persuasion, to be exact — needs more of this.” – Shindig
“The album leans on everything from krautrock, funk and psych to prog and garage rock, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping trip no matter what.” – Paste

“They’ve produced an album that is both an expansion and a refinement on what has come prior; broader in its scope, maturer in its delivery, and braver in its exploration. In a word: sha-fucking-ZAM!” – The Skinny
“On this sonic manifesto, Frankie and The Witch Fingers flirt with prog and experimental music, but use these concepts more for inspiration rather than strict instruction, resulting in high-energy headbangers with white-hot guitars and ferocious drums.” – LA Record

ZAM is the best rock n roll has to offer.” – ANON Magazine
“…it’s clear that the psych rock outfit have been knocking back the black milk.” – Popbollocks

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