DOE – ” Grow into It ” Best Albums Of 2018

Posted: January 1, 2019 in MUSIC
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Two years after delivering the astonishing “Some Things Last Longer than You,” London based trio Doe returns with “Grow Into It,” in which Nicola Leel, Jake Popyura and Dean Smithers drop another set of Breeders/Weezer-influenced rock. They still don’t have a bassist and don’t seem to need one, as their double-guitar attack really does the job. The surprising sonic explosions and fits of chaos suggest that they may be taking cues from “Pinkerton,” and yet songs like the bouncy “Labour Like I Do,” the pensive “Team Spirit,” and single-ready fuzz-ballad, “Cathy” rank among their best work.


Band Members
Nicola // vocals, guitar
Jake // drums, vocals
Dean // guitar

released September 28th, 2018


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