The ATTICS – ” Pastel Blues “

Posted: October 29, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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“Pastel Blues” is the new single – the band’s Cameron Wade says “it’s the least serious thing we’ve written in years. It’s a playful exploration of the phrase on repeat in the chorus, “wondering how it feels bad to be good all the time”. It’s a really dumb set of words, but a funny thing to think about in depth. So we’re exploring that with this kind of wandering commentary, reconfirming that life would be super bland if we only ever did what we were told we should. I think you can almost feel the music taking a few steps back and lazily fall into line with the idea.”

I just love the spirit and the pace of this poppy groover. C’mon let’s all go out, swing in the streets and save this troubled world, at least today…The Attics claim it’s the least serious thing they have written in years and the whole song focuses around the phrase “wonder how it feels bad to be good all the time” and is an exploration of those words. ‘Pastel Blues’ is wrapped up in a nice little package, measuring three minutes and ten seconds long, containing catchy lyrics, cool guitar sounds and a heavier break-down towards the end.


Written and performed by The Attics


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