SOPHIE HUTCHINGS – ” Living Light “

Posted: September 21, 2018 in MUSIC
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Sophie Hutchings is a Sydney pianist and composer who has developed into a performer of unique beauty and international renown. Her music has been described as beautifully fragile along with a deep sense of urgency making for many shades… Her Compositions are a blend of Piano, Strings, Field recordings along with elements of woodwind percussion and ethereal vocals. 

With the waves we pass through upon the onset of sleep, we sometimes fall into that feathery gateway of drowsiness to then enter that imaginary world that one loses dominion over.

‘Living Light extended’ travels from the sway of sleep into the open terrain of our narrative vivid dream state…. Amidst repetitive layers of piano & ethereal vocals it creates an abstract world that only you the listen can enter, feel & envisage… The intention for Living light was always to transition into a repetitive layered piano piece which then turned into a somewhat epic long build of a piece and ended up too long to put on Vinyl.


2 years down the track, a hidden gem is released alongside the newly re-pressed deluxe 180g vinyl version.

Released September 21st, 2018

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