SISTERAY – ” Sisteray Said ” EP

Posted: September 4, 2018 in MUSIC
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This second EP from this London band was always destined to be a ball-breaker, especially with a new drummer taking up the mantle. The perfect mix of four lads with focussed intent and pure malice in the form of scathing sub-textual lyrics. Following a thrilling 18 months where they’ve lit up sweaty basement venues or big festival stages alike see it, say it, sing-it-like-they-mean-it Sisteray have announced the release of their brand new EP Sisteray Said’ featuring the track‘Wannabes’ starts with a fade in of drums 70s style which adds urgency to Niall Rowan’s vocal with Dan Connolly’s guitar hitting all the low notes as it thrashes through what is a perfect 2.35 minute energy song.

With Mick Hanrahan’s bass thumping away, ‘Rumour Mill’ has more depth to it with lots going on and building up to a crescendo of guitar fuzz and attitude. A song about lies and deceit played by the world leaders of today using all their media tools to mislead. ‘Algorithm Prison’ also picks up the guitar thrash along with Niall’s bile of complaint against social media advertising groups. A fast-paced song with attitude that has it all, and if you need to get riled up for any reason, then this song will give you a good kick in the balls to get you started.

The EP title track starts with Mick’s bass pumping away till new boy Callum Landau’s drums kick in, with guitars flailing away throughout and velocity pumped vocals from Niall. At just over two minutes long it’s a bit more of a ‘throwaway’ song than the others, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.


Overall, ‘Sisteray Said’ leaves you with the sense you’ve been on a ‘eyes opened’ journey due to the subject matter and this motley crew have just imparted some of their wisdom loudly in your ear.

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