DEAD NAKED HIPPIES – ” Guillotine “

Posted: June 22, 2018 in MUSIC
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Some music is just meant to sound noisy, take Guillotine, the new single from Dead Naked Hippies; no matter how quiet you play it, the energy, the fizzing, noise of the piece is inescapable. The track is the Leeds-trios first release of 2018, and their finest track to date.

Walking the intense middle-ground of post-punk and grunge, Guillotine is both musically and lyrically brutal. The heavy drums, the cathartic clattering guitar-lines, the honest, vocal howl, even in the slowest, quietest section, it’s never short of full throttle intensity. Discussing the track, vocalist Lucy Jowett has suggested it is an exploration of grief, “the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, versus choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life.” Dead Naked Hippies are a band unafraid of tackling the world’s more difficult topics, whether it’s grief, mental health or just trying to find your place in the world, they’re the sort of band who are ready to inspire another hundred people to pick up an instrument and let their music and emotions flow freely into the world.


Band Members
Lucy Jowett
Joe Clarke
Jacob Marston

Guillotine is out now.

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