LVL UP – ” Three Songs “

Posted: June 7, 2018 in MUSIC
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More spicy-hot gumbo to spoon into your ears. LVL UP write great songs and there is just something charming  about them. This band is simply infectious! For me, The Closing Door might be among my favorite songs thus far of theirs. It hits all the right spots and is a song anyone can get into. Definitely recommend giving this band a listen. Hopefully some new product will be out this year.


Originally released July 16th, 2015

LVL UP is Greg Rutkin, Nick Corbo, Dave Benton and Mike Caridi. Susannah Cutler makes keyboard contributions on The Closing Door.

The character in ‘Blur’ is a person who despite his demeanors, is living in loneliness and nostalgia. There’s something subtly striking and tragic about someone living in the past, which the character in Blur is doing, in an increasingly monotonous and cyclical sense throughout the video.” the idea of a character doing burnouts in an empty lot. I thought that was a hilarious but depressing visual, that said so much to me about this character’s inner life, and we jumped off from there. Mike’s songs deal a lot with nostalgia, loneliness, and memory, so it felt right to document and dramatize parts of his life that he’s put into the music as well.”


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