TELEMAN – ” Cactus “

Posted: May 29, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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London’s Teleman have long been favourites, and now the foursome have unveiled details of their third studio album; Family of Aliens, set for release in early September

To mark the occasion, they have offered another insight into their flourishing electronic-inspired sound, with new single Cactus. Flaunting the harmonious marriage of their classic pop sensibility accompanied by pulsating electronic undertones, the single is anchored by an unrelenting riff that crescendos to a cacophony of thrashing guitars and unbridled synth-sounds, bound by a palpitating, monotonous drum-loop. It’s danceable, psychedelic and completely infectious, burbles of synth and distorted guitar competing for space over the disco groove at its core.

The video  ‘Cactus’. Directed by Prosper Pictures and Lone Taxidermists, it’s a warped Frankenstein tale that sees a mass of wires, cables, rubber gloves and god knows what else form itself into a gigantic half-dancing, half-flailing cactus monster. Set in what looks like the basement level of a car park and created using a mix of physical and digital animation the creature’s birth is a sight to behold with floating astroturf and strange amorphous blobs abound.

‘Cactus’ from Teleman’s forthcoming new album ‘Family of Aliens’


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