HILANG CHILD – ” I Wrote A Letter Home “

Posted: May 16, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hilang Child is a name that could well be familiar to you. A songwriter and producer of remarkable depth, his work has progressed and evolved, a gradual transition that has been beautiful to watch.

Working with Bella Union Records, Hilang Child – real name Ed Riman – is now ready to tackle his first full length project. ‘Years’ will be released on August 17th, with the songwriter able to share bewitching, engrossing, wholly fascinating new song ‘I Wrote A Letter Home’.

It’s a song that gradually washes over you, and it emerged at a key point in the album process. “I was playing this live as a solo piano thing for a while, but realised I wanted a bit more from the song,” he said. “I demoed it with my friend Sam Delves (who plays Microkorg on it) in his flat, we added some drums and it came alive into something completely new.”

“So I took it away to rethink the final version and eventually built it into something bigger and more energetic than most of what I’d written previously. In terms of sound, I think what it eventually became then dictated what I decided wanted to do with the rest of the album.”


He continues: “Lyrically ‘I Wrote A Letter Home’ is written from the perspective of someone feeling totally lost and overwhelmed at the prospect of navigating the big wide world alone. It’s a reflective letter, accepting that on the road to this point he didn’t appreciate what he had and so is yearning to be back home with those he held dear.”

A beautiful new song, Hilang Child seems to approach ‘I Wrote A Letter Home’ with remarkable openness, combined with a beautiful sense of assurance.

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