DREAM STATE – ” New Waves “

Posted: May 8, 2018 in MUSIC
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Dream State have dropped one of the best dark pop punk songs of the year

If you haven’t heard of Dream State yet, get ready to ride on a serious hype train. Hailing from South-Wales, the five-piece and recently signed to UNFD and have announced the brand new Recovery EP, due out for a release on May 18th.

Ahead of the release of the EP, the band have dropped a blistering, dark pop punk banger ‘New Waves’. The track lends from pop punk’s heavier forefathers, A Day To Remember in delivering an onslaught of crushing yet melodic riffs, carried by vocalist CJ Gilpin’s powerhouse performance.

The track ebbs on the more nihilistic side of things, featuring kingdom vanquishing drums the drive it’s huge hooks – it’s a massively modern take on the output of mid-00s emo bands like Further Seems Forever and Hawthorne Heights, highly informed by the pop sensibilities of PVRIS.

Gilpin describes the EP as a “journey from internal chaos to calm, with each track relating to a stage in her personal recovery”, adding that ‘New Waves’ is about finally letting go of prodigal habits and ties and riding new waves, making fresh starts, releasing myself of the past and welcoming the future. Life is not easy for anyone but it’s good to remember how far you’ve come and no matter how dark life can appear, it can’t compete with the light that follows”


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