SPEEDY ORTIZ – ” Lean In When I Suffer “

Posted: March 25, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Speedy Ortiz  is back, The Fabulous front woman Sadie Dupuis has mastered the balance of playing familiar material from her band’s early catalog while letting what’s on the horizon shine. Speedy Ortiz performed twice during SXSW during the week, and while the setlists were different, each was book ended with ear candy from the excellent albums  Foil Deer and Major Arcana albums, both are filled with gems,  Sadie has a penchant for writing great songs like the triumphant “Lucky 88”—from the band’s upcoming newest and upcoming album Twerp Verse (out April 27 on Carpark). Always eclectically dressed and with an array of ornate headpieces, Dupuis is so delightful to see and hear live. She frequently loses herself in the bombastic music played by her band, but always maintains her presence onstage, to the point that you can feel her cycling through the thoughts and emotions of her intriguing songwriting.


“Lean In When I Suffer” is the second single from Speedy Ortiz’s forthcoming album, “Twerp Verse,” out April 27th on Carpark Records.


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