STARCRAWLER – ” Ants / Used To Know “

Posted: March 21, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Starcrawler: Tim Franco, left, Henri Cash, Arrow de Wilde and Austin Smith

Hailing from Los Angeles, Starcrawler formed two years ago when lead vocalist Arrow de Wilde first met drummer Austin Smith. Shortly thereafter, guitarist Henri Cash and bassist Tim Franco joined the band. The group is known for their squalling riffs, thundering beats and incendiary performances, fronted by de Wilde’s otherworldly magnetism. The band have captivated audiences throughout their performances at this year’s music festivals.

This past May, 18-year-old Arrow de Wilde graduated from L.A.’s Grand Arts High School—but it wasn’t easy getting there. Leading up to her final days as a high schooler, de Wilde’s band, Starcrawler, was getting busier and busier: playing shows alongside groups like Ho99o9 and The Lemon Twigs, being featured by publications after their amazing live shows, and spending late nights in the studio with their producer, Ryan Adams.

Starcrawler’s debut single “Ants” b/w “Used To Know” is out now on Rough Trade Records on 7″ vinyl.

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