PEARL CHARLES – ” Sleepless Dream “

Posted: February 2, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Sleepless Dreamer, is Pearl Charles’ second solo release, is a warm record full of breezy soft rock and quietly dramatic pop songs about love and loss, the kind that emanated out of California in the early to mid ’70s. You couldn’t find a better guide to this classic sound than Charles, who’s been working up to a record like this for years—she started out playing in old-timey duo the Driftwood Singers, then moved on to become the drummer for the Blank Tapes, a rock band with a fondness for softer, country-inspired sounds. Leaving behind the rock and psych-leaning arrangements found on her self-titled debut, on Sleepless Dreamer, Charles embraces a slicker pop sound. Still, despite the step up in production value, Charles writes folk songs. Their strength lies in their simplicity and Charles’ honeyed turns of phrase. The dusty roads Charles is traveling on throughout Sleepless Dreamer are familiar ones, “Charles‘ record takes cues from movements all over the American map. There are hints of Southern folk and alt-country, Midwest Americana, and West Coast acid rock.” – 


“Think of Pearl Charles as a stoner Lana Del Rey or a Jenny Lewis with grit.


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