JACK COOPER – ” Fat Old Sun “

Posted: January 23, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Jack Cooper is a musician & songwriter living in London, England. He is currently a member of the band Ultimate Painting. “Sandgrown” is his first album as a solo artist. He says of the cover, “I was selling merch at the last show of my US tour and a guy who had bought a record told me that the live band sounded like Meddle-era Pink Floyd. In hindsight I should’ve hugged him because as far as compliments go, that’s the best I’ve ever had. I think that post-Syd and pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd were such an interesting band… weird, English, pastoral, loose, economic and occasionally perfect. I love Syd Barrett and most things up to The Wall but I think that mid-era is the most fascinating. I love recording covers and in learning this I gained some fresh perspective on simplicity.”


Buy a copy of Jack Cooper’s solo album “Sandgrown”: www.troubleinmindrecs.com/jack-cooper-sandgrown/
Catch Jack live, on tour in the UK:

Jan. 28 – Brighton, UK @ The Hope
Jan. 29 – Bristol, UK @ Louisiana
Jan. 30 – Leeds, UK @ Oporto
Jan. 31 – Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
Feb. 1 – Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
Feb. 2 – London, UK @ Garage

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