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Posted: January 22, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Starcrawler's Arrow de Wilde

Having made a name for themselves with squalling riffs, thundering beats and their incendiary live shows oozing Arrow de Wilde’s otherworldly magnetism, Starcrawler are truly captivating. Recorded by Ryan Adams on analog tape at his Pax-Am studio, the 10-song album proves that yes, this foursome are making rock and roll exciting again!

Formed in 2015 when 18-year-old lead vocalist de Wilde first met guitarist Henri Cash at their Echo Park high school. Cash has played guitar since his hands were big enough. Today, he could rival his idol Jack White. He’s often so lost in adrenaline he doesn’t know his fingers are bleeding. At the Echo last year, he broke his nose onstage and didn’t realize it until he saw his disfigured face at a photo shoot the next day.

Shortly thereafter they were joined by the rhythm section of Austin Smith (drums) and Tim Franco (bass). Smith, the eldest, carries the air of a Venice skater but grew up in Hollywood. His rhythmic partner, Franco, is the quiet one. “I thought Tim looked like a prick [at first],” Cash says. “But he’s the nicest guy.” If ever there were an attack on Starcrawler, de Wilde assures that the rhythm section would defend them. “They’ve got the guns,” she says.

Ryan Adams has been tweeting up a storm about them saying things like “This Starcrawler record is gonna peel the paint off your brain!” and “Starcrawler are so fucking insanely good. Soon they will rule this galaxy.” After signing to Rough Trade Records earlier this year, they quickly released their debut single Ants, which caught the ear of Elton John who played the track on his Beats 1 radio show. Soon after, they were on the cover of LA Weekly – their hometown paper. The headline was “With Fake Blood and Frenetic Songs, Starcrawler make rock feel dangerous again”. In the article, Arrow describes that “bands are boring nowadays” and that “there’s no mystery”. That helps explain a little bit of why their shows have become the stuff of legend.

This will be the bands Second limited 7″ on Rough Trade. Starcrawler taken from their newly released Ryan Adams– produced debut album. Starcrawler hail from Los Angeles and were formed a year ago . Shortly thereafter, the streets of Hollywood brought them the rhythm section of Austin Smith (drums) and Tim Franco (bass). Starcrawler are the future of the rock n’ roll legacy of bands like Kiss, X, Sonic Youth and The Stooges.

When the band launch into their song “Pussy Tower.” (“It’s about giving head, whatever,” shrugged Starcrawler’s frontperson Arrow de Wilde, Once the song gets underway, de Wilde disappears from view, then re-emerges and spews blood over the audience. Some scream, others laugh. It’s some party trick.

Starcrawler have been gigging around L.A. for a year, often with fellow glam-punk revivalists The Lemon Twigs. Chances are you’ll hear about their fluid-secreting rock & roll before you see it.

When it comes to the music, Starcrawler are so conscientious that, in a bid to “look pro,” they recorded their first single, “Ants,” and its B-side, “Used to Know,” before even playing a gig. “Ants” is a literal anthem about the summer ant infestation that plagues Cash’s house annually. It’s fast, furious and was written as quickly as it plays out. “Ants” was played on Beats 1 radio by Elton John. “It’s funny ’cause people were like, ‘Elton John’s playing your song,'” .

Starcrawler have found a kindred guide in singer-songwriter producer Ryan Adams, who recorded their forthcoming debut LP on analog tape at his Pax-Am Studio in Hollywood. Adams discovered the band while following de Wilde’s mom Autumn on Instagram; like many rock musicians, Adams has been photographed by the elder de Wilde. When mom passed the message along to Arrow, her response was like someone hearing of a long-lost uncle: “Ryan Adams? I hadn’t heard that name in years.”

Starcrawler are definately the future of the rock n’ roll legacy of bands like Kiss, X, Sonic Youth and The Stooges.

Taken from the band’s debut album ‘Starcrawler’, out now on Rough Trade Records:


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