LOCUS POCUS – ” Locus Pocus ” EP

Posted: January 21, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The problem with January is that you always fall in love with bands that released albums the year before after reading the other bloggers albums that would have made it to my best of 2017 list, So it was no surprise when I heard about San Francisco five-piece Locus Pocus and their self-titled EP, released last May 2017.

I’m a fan of shimmering, organ-punctuated psych pop and thoroughly enjoy melodic, trembling vocals, gravelly yelps and howls, and swirling, distorted flourishes. Locus Pocus is one of those bands that you hear and think to yourself, “I just stumbled onto something here”.

Recalling other San Francisco band, Cool Ghouls, and Grand Rapids’ and the wonderful psych darlings Heaters, Locus Pocus has been building a name for themselves in their hometown through their energetic live shows. Beyond San Francisco , their debut single, “My Girlfriend Won’t Dance With Me”, got considerable listens in mid-2017, with over 130,000 listens since its debut.

The remainder of the EP is equally infectious. Beginning with the Stuck, the songs worm their way into your brain. Equally kaleidoscopic and twisting, Hey Sundance and Muscle Man round out the four-song EP, building to a dramatic crescendo that will leave you wanting more.


The band released a second single, “I’d Be Your Woman”, last August, complete with a cheeky music video that finds singer Nate Budroe in a glittery black dress and dramatic cat’s eye makeup, hamming it up with the rest of the band – Kyle Chapman (guitar), Daniel de Lorimier (bass), Michael Kipnis (drums), and Daniel Markowitz (organ & Rhodes).

I’d say that discovering Locus Pocus in early 2018 is a pretty good one to have. Check out Locus Pocus’ debut EP on Bandcamp


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