MOLLY JEWEL – ” I Wish You Loved Me Like You Started To “

Posted: January 18, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Nashville based alt-popper, Molly Jewell first came to our attention last year with excellent single, I Wish You Loved Me Like You Started To. The track was a flamboyant and passionate introduction; Molly’s vocal possessing the same raw, rasping quality of Margaret Glaspy, accompanied by vivacious piano flourishes, buzzing synths and thrilling, fuzzy guitar. The track was the first taster of Molly’s debut EP, due out at the end of January.


The EP is soon to be preceded by the superb new single, I Can’t Fill You Up; Molly’s exploration into a relationship where, “you feel like someone needs you, but at the same time, you’re never enough for them”. Musically the track is a more muted affair, warm Rhodes-like piano and sombre guitar lines accompanying a downbeat, bruised vocal line as Molly sings, “I can’t do it anymore, I can’t fill you up, I have some of what it takes but I don’t have enough”. Singer-songwriters as intriguing as Molly Jewell don’t come along all that often, a musician with the pop-nous and experimental vision to make a huge splash in the year ahead.


Sink into the autumn-colored, nostalgic world of singer-songwriter, Molly Jewell, where moody arrangements cradle her lilting confessions about the complications of human relationships, heartache of many kinds, and wandering through it all.

Written & Performed by Molly Jewell. Produced & Arranged by Goffrey Moore.
Performed & Tracked at Club Roar, Nashville TN; Engineered by Colin Dupuis.
Overdub tracking (acoustic guitar, vocals, synthesizers, electric bass, Rhodes) at Goffrey Moore’s studio, Nashville TN; Engineered by Goffrey Moore.
Overdub tracking (acoustic piano & vibraphone) at Middletree Studios, Nashville TN; engineered by Joe Pisapia.
Mixed & Edited by Goffrey Moore. Mastered by Alex McCullough at True East Mastering, Nashville TN.
Vocals, Wurtlitzer, Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizers, Vibraphone & Various Musical Toys: Molly Jewell
Electric & Acoustic Guitars: Goffrey Moore
Electric Bass: Steve Mackey
Drums & Percussion: Steven Nistor
Background Vocals: Goffrey Moore & Molly Jewell


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