PINKY PINKY – ” The Pinky Pinky EP “

Posted: January 9, 2018 in MUSIC
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A step beyond the cookie-cutter garage-rock or proto-punk bands populating the scene, the teenage trio of Isabelle Fields, Eva Chambers and Anastasia Sanchez released their four-song debut on Innovative Leisure in April. The have one hand in the past. The other they use to playfully thumb their nose at you. Sort of reminds me of Plumtree, another all-female indie rock band. I don’t know anything about Pinky Pinky, this EP appeared on my feed and now on my collections because it simply sounds great.

This sound pulls directly from the raw, nitty-gritty nature of 60’s psychedelic rock, a musical era that had its heyday nearly four decades before the girls were even born. However, this, along with their fully-realized aesthetic, may be precisely why Pinky Pinky could be the ones to put rock back at the forefront of cool.


Debut EP from Pinky Pinky, a 3-piece Proto-Prog inspired rock band out of Los Angeles featuring teenagers Isabelle Fields (17, Guitar), Eva Chambers (17, Bass) and Anastasia Sanchez (19, Vocals/Drums).


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