Posted: January 8, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Led by the imperious Natalie Sharp, Lone Taxidermist’s 2017 album “Trifle” was a cult hit for its blend of post-punk and Peaches-style electro, along with the complete withholding of any fucks – and 2018 should see them build their reputation as the best live band you have yet to see. Imagine a fetish party in a bubble-wrap factory overseen by a pushy lollipop lady and you’re kind of getting near.

Along with Serafina Steer, Natalie Sharp aka Lone Taxidermist and Medea, created a visual spectacle taking in opera, theatrics, minimalist sounds and stage production.  In her vocal gymnastics and theatrics, Natalie’s performance could only be compared to Kate Bush. Unbelievable.

I just can’t stop listening to this album. As far as genres go it’s pretty much unclassifiable but has a glistening pop sensibility throughout. It will take you on a slippery journey


As witnessed as Medua and the subsequent irreverent world of Lone Taxidermist, Sharp’s art and expression is firmly based in the ‘performance art’ side of things and her ‘performances’ so far can be equally compared to the afore mentioned Kate Bush, as easily as they could to Gilbert and George or Sarah Lucas. However, what Sharp has done with Trifle, is manage the precarious transition into accessible ‘popular’ music, but without losing any of the ‘high art’ performance or theatrics with it.


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