SLUM SOCIABLE – ” Don’t Come Back “

Posted: December 29, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Melbourne’s Slum Sociable are Edward Quinn (production, guitars, keys) and Miller Upchurch (vocals, percussion). The duo, currently touring their debut EP TQ nationally, are joined live by drummer Ryan Beasley and bassist Dylan Savage.

Edward Quinn and Miller are old friends, but started working together as Slum Sociable,  A long time ago we were introduced by an old drummer in our band,  I thought he [Miller] was the best singer I knew so I got him on those tracks.

It was never going to be released but we had someone pass away and we thought we’d honour his memory — he was the first person to hear these tracks, he was the first person we felt comfortable enough sending them to — we thought we’d release this body of work in his honour.

The name It’s a line from the Scorsese movie Gangs of New York, at that time I was obsessed with Daniel Day Lewis  still am, I guess — he was going to the butcher at some stage and it’s kind of like an alliteration but it’s not really…it kind of sounded sticky. I just like those two words together, hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite us with “slum” being in it.


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