DEAFCULT – ” Auras “

Posted: December 28, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Here’s the info on Deafcult: Loud guitars. Four of them. Interested? Right this way. Watch in awe as these Brisbane natives find their own way of making this quadruple-attack work entirely in their favour, eschewing maximalist overcooking in favour of tactical dynamic shifts and strict sensibilities. Few songs in the calendar year were able to find the balance between heaviness and accessibility the way “Rubix” did. It resulted in one of the year’s best singles from a band that you’d understandably only expect album cuts from. Lift your fixed gazes like antennas to heaven, from your shoes to the horizon.


The Deafcult debut full length Auras, is a record about dreams; the ghosts of people, places and situations past that haunt our nights sleep, or lack-thereof. Reflecting on romanticised memories as a disaffected suburban teenager, tales of love, drugs, death and what it meant to both discover and lose yourself. You told yourself it was going to last forever.

After 2015’s self-titled demo, the Brisbane six-piece sought to go further towards the margins —noisier, more precise, more dense, simply more. And yet, they became something much closer to a guitar-pop band in the process. From a certain angle, they are. Auaras has anthems firmly planted throughout, often behind the fuzz and haze, sometimes pushed to abstraction. But even in its most distorted moments, there is a gentleness to the music. AURAS is reflecting on some overwhelming themes, after all.


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