ANNIE BOOTH – ” An Unforgiving Light “

Posted: December 23, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Fresh from touring with Scottish Fiction stalwarts Mt. Doubt, vocalist and guitarist Annie Booth will released her solo debut LP ‘An Unforgiving Light’ in October 2017.

A joint venture from Scottish Fiction and Last Night From Glasgow, the record is an ambitious solo effort of puncturing melody and raw lyricism in the vein of alt-rock titan Jeff Buckley, marked by the contrasts of folk roots paired with alt-rock backing, and urgent instrumentation contrasted with introspective vocals.

The album starts as it means to go on, opening with the honest and tender ‘Demons’. Annie introduces herself in the most personal fashion in a track weathered with vulnerability and reflection. From here, the record opens up to more sonic possibilities on ‘Over My’ and ‘Little Lies’, stretching Annie’s excellent vocal capabilities as the backing grows in stature and strength.
The record’s middle section tackles poignant universal issues such as apathy, anxiety, and a loss of faith, making it’s way through a wide variety of musical textures: from delicate arpeggios, to dynamic rhythms, to glacial hymn-like vocal climbs.
Perhaps ‘An Unforgiving Light’s greatest achievement comes when it reaches the crescendo of ‘Reverie’, a track which manages  more

Released October 20, 2017



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