KELORA – ” Boy ” EP

Posted: November 16, 2017 in MUSIC
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Check out Kelora. Like Herbert Powell, they hardly have anything online yet, but their new EP which is just finished recording is going to break hearts. Their live shows are more like art installations and the music is genuinely hard to describe – it’s truly unique. I think it’s the future. Can you imagine The Cocteau Twins, Portishead or Beach House playing medieval folk? .” Filmed on their phones, the video collates footage taken walking or riding the bus around Glasgow at night interspersed with eerie shots of them standing on a dark, blustery beach in hi vis jackets like two fisherman having an existential crisis. It brings a surreal and lingering sense of urgency to a climate where the general reaction to discomfort or disaster is to close one app and open another. “BOY” sticks with you – as well it should.

“BOY” will be released through Kelora’s own label CALX as a 4 track EP. It’s physical form will be a limited edition glow in the dark screen print containing a scratch off strip with a download code on the back. Catch them at their launch party on November 18th at the Pipe Factory in Glasgow



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