TY SEGALL – ” My Lady’s On Fire “

Posted: November 8, 2017 in MUSIC
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Ty Segall’s been nothing short of prolific this year, dropping LPs, EPs, and singles with an almost feverish consistency. He’s back again, this time with the track  “My Lady’s On Fire”, a song that breaks from the thunderous, crackling fire of his usual output. As with recent singles like “Meaning” and “Alta”, the song patiently ambles out of the gate before finding its melody; what’s different, however, is that Segall’s electric guitar plays a supporting role here, content to mirror the vocal melody against steady acoustic strums and strains of fiery, upbeat saxophone and twinkling electric piano. Ty Segall’s new song, “My Lady’s On Fire” has been heard on the tour trail over the course of 2017, quickly becoming an audience favorite with its classic pop ballad style that offers provocation to the unrightous creators of chaos. Insane or not insane, you heard it here first.

It’s one of Ty Segall’s most laid back tracks, and apparently one he’s been honing on tour throughout the year. A press release describes it as a “provocation to the unrighteous creators of chaos.”

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