HARMONY WOODS – ” Nothing Special “

Posted: October 26, 2017 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Sofia Verbilla adopted the Harmony Woods moniker when she began releasing music last year, allowing for a deflective distance from her vulnerable and big-hearted songs. Her debut full-length, Nothing Special, is demarcated by a series of numbered vignettes that split up the songs “proper,” but really all of her songs are vignettes of a sort, snapshots of worry and distance and ache. Verbilla’s smoky and powerful voice belies the insecurities she lays bare in her writing as she confronts the unstable ground that life is built on. It’s a contrast that works wonders, and Nothing Special’s title even begs you to contradict it, to assert that, of course, she’s certainly doing something very special indeed.


All songs written by Sofia Verbilla
Vocals/rhythm guitar/keys by Sofia Verbilla
Lead guitar by Brendan Lukens 
Bass by Sophy Kelsall 
Drums by Jeremy Berkin 

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