The BLACK HEART DEATH CLUB – ” Black Rainbow – EP “

Posted: October 5, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Black Heart Death Cult

If you’re going to have a death cult, it may as well be a black-hearted one. These Melbourne natives appropriate ‘60s imagery in their lyrics and visual presentation, but their sound is firmly rooted in ‘90s neo-psych. They prefer to lay down a fog bank of fuzz to cover their Britpop hooks, like Oasis experimenting with My Bloody Valentine’s gear. They’ve been slowly working on their full-length for a few years now and, if the Black Rainbow EP is any indication, it should be filled with hazy shoegaze, mumbled vocals, and blissful riffs. The Black Rainbow-EP contains the best pop psychedelic music I’ve heard this year. The Black Heart Death Cult create a sonic wall of psychedelic goodness, which lights up the listener. These Aussie musicians are the real deal. The psychedelic flame burns bright within them and their great music. Highly recommended.


Sparkly magic mountain-drops fall from the outer cosmic reaches in the re-imagined mind-forrest of The Flower CaptainGloom/doom singer/songwriter Sasha L Smith envisions a brave new dark age of droney bliss in the sonic bazaar. Fret wizard Bill Patching, sub-sonic vibe dealer Deon Slaviero & human time-machine Andy Nunns are well on the magic bus, which we call “The Black Heart Death Cult”.


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