SWEATY PALMS – ” Queer Fatwa “

Posted: September 24, 2017 in MUSIC
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Get on your raggiest shoes, scruffiest jacket and head down to the dirtiest bar you know. Then plug your headphones in and stroll out right into the middle of the room and put this rocking gem from Sweaty Palms in your ears and let the music take your body wherever it needs to go.‘Queer Fatwa’, is the debut single from Glaswegian upstarts Sweaty Palms, named after a phrase lifted from author Jon Ronson’s investigative novel on extremist organisations, ‘Them’. In the section, an Islamist Militant leader attempts to put a ‘queer fatwa’ on Ronson. “The phrase is hysterical, it’s just not two words you imagine to see together,” say Sweaty Palms. “The rest of the song is loosely based around extremism, from Islamist militants to the dirty gringos of the western world.” It is to be released through RIP Records Introduces Volume 1:7

Here you’ve got music that’s primal, honest and one hell of a mess. And it’s brilliant. It smashes more violently than a rampaging bull ,more powerfully than the swirling hurricanes hitting the Virgin Isles a cacophony  of sound .

Hold on to your hats because things are about to get pretty vicious up in here and there are sure to be boots flying at all kinds of unreasonable heights until well into the early hours. Utter, utter chaos.


Released September 15th as part of the RIP Records Introduces Series


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