FRANK ZAPPA – ” Lather “

Posted: September 24, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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“Läther” released  OnThisDay in 1996. The recordings for the album were originally delivered to Warner Bros. in 1977 as a quadruple box set, but Warner Bros. refused to release it in this format. Contractual obligations stipulated that Zappa deliver four albums for release on DiscReet Records, which eventually resulted in much of the material on Läther being released on four separate albums: Zappa in New York (1977), Studio Tan (1978), Sleep Dirt (1979), and Orchestral Favorites (1979), only the first of which was produced with Zappa’s oversight.

However, bootlegs of the original recording had existed for years before the album’s official release as a result of Frank Zappa broadcasting it over the radio in 1977 and encouraging listeners to make tape recordings of it. The album was reissued  released posthumously as a triple album on Rykodisc in 1996. in 2012 through Universal with cover art Frank Zappa originally considered for the album.
This was Official Release number 65.

Gail Zappa has confirmed that the 2-track masters for the planned original album were located while producing the 1996 version. While the official CD version of Läther released is reportedly identical to the test-pressings for the original quadruple album, four bonus tracks were added to the 1996 release and the title of the song, “One More Time for the World” was changed to “The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution”, the title under which the same song appears on the album Sleep Dirt. The album does not include “Baby Snakes”, a song which was originally planned for the album. A version of the song served as the title of the film from the same era.


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