POND – ” Colder Than Ice “

Posted: September 24, 2017 in MUSIC
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POND aren’t a band who need any extra help when it comes to exuding sheer weirdo cool, but we’re never going to complain about too much of a good thing, so their new clip with Kirin J Callinan is about everything we could rightly ask for.

Fresh off his own clip that, thanks to the impeccable use of a Jimmy Barnes cameo, is already a lock for best of the year, Callinan wanders onto Pond’s set for the glorious throwback tune ‘Colder Than Ice’ – taken from their new Kevin Parker-produced album The Weather – proving the ideal man to complement its perfectly-weighted ’80s pastiche. Callinan is just the crouton in this synth-driven salad, though, drenched as it is in delicious synth bass and echoed wink-and-a-nod vocals – one of the warmer moments on a record that, belying its falsetto theatrics and synth sheen, often shows the band at their darkest.


‘Colder Than Ice’ isn’t just a palate cleanser between the more melancholy moments, though; it’s one of the tracks that, along with singles like ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’, most clearly illustrates Pond’s perfectly-executed shift from their beginnings as a straight-faced psych-rock band to the multi-faceted gem they’ve become, with The Weather yet another big step along a path that already delivered us the brilliant Man It Feels Like Space Again just two years back.

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