VASHTI BUNYAN – ” Train Song “

Posted: September 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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English singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan has enjoyed a unique career trajectory, Bunyan recorded her first LP in 1970, Just Another Diamond Day, filled with whimsical, twee songs, that documented her journey to Scotland by horse-drawn cart. It was produced by British folk-rock mainstay Joe Boyd.which started when she recorded a Jagger-Richards song in the mid-1960s. Here’s one of Bunyan’s early singles – it later turned up in a cover version by Feist and Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. But her debut album only sold a few hundred copies, and Bunyan quit the music business to raise a family. But while she was absent, Just Another Diamond Day became a sought after LP that influenced a new generation of freak-folk musicians. It was issued on CD in 2000, and in 2005, Vashti Bunyan released a followup, titled Lookaftering. Produced by Max Richter, it’s sophisticated and grownup in the nicest possible ways.

In 2014, Bunyan released what she declared to be her final album. She worked to develop her musical skills so that she could realise the music in her head with less outside help, producing and playing many of the instrumental parts.

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