The NILS – ” The Nils ” 30th Anniversary Re-Issue

Posted: September 18, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Montreal powerpunks The Nils released their debut album in 1987 along with The Replacements’ “Pleased To Meet Me“, both records were essential power pop listening that year. As debut records go The Nils album was flawless, with no throwaway tracks and quite a few classic songs, it was critically acclaimed upon its release on Profile Records. But in the midst of the North American leg of their tour, Profile went bankrupt, the tour was cancelled and The Nils were thrown into limbo.

The Replacements of course cemented their legendary status with “Pleased To Meet Me“, while The Nils, well the road to fame is paved with bands that should have been big .

Five years later they were finally legally able to continue as The Nils, but pretty much all the momentum had been stolen from them and grunge had taken over the world. They released a compilation in 1994 and an EP (as Chino) in 1999 before reforming as The Nils in 2002 and working on new material. Sadly in 2004 singer/guitarist Alex Soria ended his life at 39 years.


In the end The Nils legacy remains strong, particularly because artists like Superchunk, Goo Goo Dolls and Bob Mould would state the Nils influence on their respective sounds. Now, for its 30th anniversary the debut is getting the royal treatment from Canadian vinyl purveyors Label Obscura who are releasing a deluxe remastered LP, available on vinyl for the first time in decades. a gatefold sleeve with archival photos, and liner notes by Jack Rabid, editor of New York’s influential music zine The Big Takeover.


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