The COUNTY LINERS – ” Mary Jane Dunphe and Chris McDonnell in the The County Liners “

Posted: September 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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Whether fronting the blazing punk band Vexx or the synth-pop duo CC Dust, Mary Jane Dunphe inhabits her projects with a knurly otherworldliness — her voice contorts and screams like an alien sent to reset the planet with rock ‘n’ roll. Bedridden by an ankle injury in the winter of 2016, she teamed up with best friend Chris McConnell to write a batch of country-rock songs that buck like an old pickup. Mary Jane Dunphe And Chris McConnell In The County Liners is the first EP from The County Liners, rounded out by fellow Olympia, Washington-based musicians Mirce Popovic (Trans FX) and Riley Kensington.

Mary Jane Dunphe takes the lead on “Love Letter,” a snaggle-toothed truckin’ song written to a long-lost love. With a little bit of Rolling Stones swagger, it also channels Lucinda Williams’ own particular strain of lonesome country blues, not only in its vocals, but also in how there’s no easy answer to the simple question the song poses: “How are you?” Maybe it’s a last-ditch effort, maybe it’s a half-hearted attempt at finding meaning in a listless life, but it’s likely a bit of both, as Dunphe howls over rusted twang, “And I hope this reaches you on time / Just dropping a line / Could I be it for you, one more time? / If ever at all.”

releases November 17th, 2017



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