DREAM WIFE – ” Fire ” EP

Posted: September 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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Dream Wife serve up a perfect slice of jangly pop punk with their new E.P. “Fire”.

This is the all female trio’s fourth release, following EP01 and the two singles, “F.U.U.” and “Somebody“. Amongst other things, the title track explores the power of a true connection between two people “Do you remember last night there was a fire? We danced and we screamed and we held each other tight.” It is peppered with their distinctive guitar sound and a chorus as catchy as anything you’ll hear this year.

Dream Wife is jangly pop punk at it’s very best and “Fire” is most likely to see the band increase their ever-growing following. Don’t be surprised if this crosses over into the mainstream with some serious radio play.

The second track is a re-release of their “Somebody” single – well worth it’s inclusion both lyrically and musically to get the song in front of the newer fans they will no doubt be welcoming on the back of “Fire”. This assault on objectification … “ I am not my body, I am somebody” is again, wrapped up in a fantastically catchy tune but with less aggressive guitar work. This offers an interestingly more mellow sound, contrasting with the subject matter.


It’s well worth exploring some of the live videos on You Tube, where I think they sound even better and the more aggressive guitar work on “Fire” comes to the fore on a number of tracks.

The E.P. is available for pre-order now, “Fire” and “Somebody” available for immediate download, with the remaining tracks, all remixes of “Fire”, available on the official release date of 29th September. Catch them October 15th at The Cookie Leicester, United Kingdom

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