YUMI ZOUMA – ” Willowbank ” Best Albums Of 2017

Posted: September 16, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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They might be the latest exciting act emerging from New Zealand, but before they embarked on their new record, Willowbank, Yumi Zouma never really felt like a band from New Zealand. It was only during what band-member Josh Burgess describes as, “a brief pause in all of our lives”that the band settled on a plan to go home to Christchurch and record their first release put together entirely in their home country. The fruits of that homecoming will become evident with Willowbank’s release next month, but ahead of that, the band have shared a video to new single, Half Hour.

Half Hour is inspired by Josh’s grandfather’s death back when he was just seven, as he explains, “the first time I experienced death in any significant way was when I was seven. My granddad died, and I still remember this feeling knowing that now he was no longer on the planet, and no matter how hard I searched, he could not be found”. It is perhaps no surprise that the song mirrors that sense of confusion, loss and longing for the past. Musically, it’s sad certainly but also strong, as singer Christie’s vocal entwines with Josh’s atop a backing of complex rhythms and pulses of bassy synth. A rush of electronics and gorgeous pop-tinged melodies, Yumi Zouma have never sounded more ready for the success that looks set to come their way.

Filmed in Christchurch, New Zealand, by Julian Vares. Willowbank is out October 6th via Cascine. ‘Persephone’ is the third single from Yumi Zouma’s sophomore album, Willowbank. Listen to previously released singles ‘December’ and ‘Depths (Pt. I) here: http://bit.ly/yumi_dec_sc



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