STARCRAWLER – ” Let Her Be “

Posted: September 8, 2017 in MUSIC
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Los Angeles’s most thrilling new band and recent Rough Trade signing Starcrawler have unleashed a video for their next single “Let Her Be”. Buy/stream the track and, if you dare, watch the clip which features a possessed frontwoman Arrow de Wilde and some demonic guitar solos from Henri Cash.

“Let Her Be” is the first track to be heard from the LA four-piece’s debut album. Produced by Ryan Adams who describes the band as “the future of the Rock ‘n’ Roll legacy of bands like KISS, X, Sonic Youth and the Stooges,” it is due for release in early 2018 (full details coming soon!).

“Let Her Be” video director J. Casey Modderno who describes the vision he had for it: “One of the first things I noticed about Starcrawler was the almost demonic energy that Arrow has on stage – crabwalking, spitting blood…. so we just decided to run with that concept which we already saw in their live show, that when Starcrawler performs, Arrow becomes possessed by literal demons. “Let her Be” is also a sort of tug of war, or call and response, Henri gets the first verse, and Arrow gets the second – so we wanted to incorporate that into the video too, that Arrow is somehow trying to get at Henri, draw him into this possession circle with her… she finally does and everything turns metal as Hell while Henri rips a completely evil solo.”


With a front woman who Classic Rock describe as “what would have happened if Ozzy Osbourne and Patti Smith had got together in 1975 and had a kid,’ and tunes which Shirley Manson says “you’ll be singing all day,Starcrawler’s visceral and immensely fun live show is not to be missed! The band will be bringing it to America’s East Coast for the first time ever to play a handful of dates before returning to Europe:



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